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128 add

Add a gym !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I do know a school whithout a gym .please it can be a simple gym just please add a GYM.I will play this way more and tell everyone to buy it if you dont add it I will tell everyone its a horrible app do not buy it PLEASE add a gym

Please add more

I really think you should add some neighbors and a community center with a pool. There should be a car dealership and an airport where you an travel different places with different characters in each place . There should also be a restaurant

Its awesome some suggestions

Add a school bus.Maybe a nurses office at the school.Other wise its awesome...

Play every day bushels

Make a school bus plz and pets like dogs and all that and a pet store .. You should also make a toy store and and other houses plz my dream would come true and there good ideas

Amazing but

Its really good but I think you should add a school bus to the game, a school nurses room too

Minor Adjustment

Since their is 10 kids can you add 10 lockers and 10 backpacks, instead of 8 lockers and 7 backpacks? Just wondering.

Plz More cloths

We like your games but we want more shops for cloths and Mall and a at shop

I suggest

Its a cool app and all but it would be cool if there was a daycare for babies and a baby room and a staff lounge and a bigger lab and art room

Add a Big bus

I love it but it is not what l wanted it definitely needs a BUS Please add a BUS if you dont add a BUS I will

4but could be 5

It could be five if you put spoon and forks and extra food at the cafeteria

More classs

Add summer camp,high school,class pet, An airport,animals,more homes,farm,seasons,

School bus

Add big bus for school and bus driver

Great Game

My girls love this game. Keep them occupied and allows them to interact. My 5 year old suggests a post office and an eye doctor. Thanks!

Needs a pool or beach etc.

Games amazing but it needs a pool and beach. It also needs


Needs a gym with sports equipment like gymnastics! A preschool for the babys would be awesome! More classroom supplies to have them interact with. Thanks, Joshua and Haley

Great but needs some spice

Ok look this is a great app but what about the other children in the game there is only one home and if you add more homes please make them another kind of house and not like the exact same house and please add more pajamas (sorry I cant spell it) like you will need them for a sleepover. Can you also add a school bus because it would be a lot of fun and you could go inside it that would be a lot of fun. Overall the app is great and keep on working!

Great app!

I want new updates please. There are a lot of choices in the reviews!

Love it!

I love the game but can you add dogs, cats and a leash also more clothes. And can you make the house more bigger like the girl has her own room and the boy has his own room and one baby crib in each room?

This app is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app is fun but can you add a school nurse plz if kids get hurt I cant take the to the hospital because what if I do not have the game thank you for your time. I need the school to have a nurse

Yay!!! I got this app today!

I have so much fun playing my playhome because its sooo fun!!!!!!!! I like that you can buy uniforms at the my playhome store app to wear at school. The school is so cute because I like that it looks like a real school with different things there like the science lab, lunch room, and the class room!!! I even LOVE the new update for the playground outside! Oh and if you have my playhome hospital, you can put a person in a wheel chair, then go to the playground and put the wheelchair inside the slide and it looks funny!!! Lol! You should try it! Very nice job! Keep it up!

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